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GlueChats is a free social media text and voice communication platformwith unlimited permission to make calls, and send and receive messages, documents, photos, and videos – provided as one of GLUE range of products to clients and their clients.

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Communication and Collaboration Solutions

best communication and collaboration virtual platforms for the African continent

Product Features

Our specialists are ready to provide an analysis of both the market as a whole and its individual components (competitors, consumers, product, etc.), using practical methods and starting from your research goals.

  • Recording function
  • Share feature/function
  • Create Contact list and groups feature
  • Invite/ Add friends feature
  • Glue Audio and Video Call
  • Group Call feature
  • Call history feature
  • Share documents feature
  • Share video and pictures features
  • Join Group feature
  • Log in Another Glue Account
  • Setting feature (Change Username, Delete account, Change password, etc.)
  • Help and Feedback
  • Premium
  • Glue VP
  • Language setting
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