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Tinder rapist’s victim ‘looking over my neck’ when he’s on bail

Tinder rapist’s <a href=""></a> victim ‘looking over my neck’ when he’s on bail

By Adam Cooper

Sarah* noticed she could not get away from the man whom raped the until she grabbed clear of Melbourne.

She got assaulted by Glenn Hartland, men she achieved on Tinder, who’d persisted to pester their with texting and calls after raping this model.

Tinder rapist Glenn Anthony Hartland. Loan: Adam Cooper

The girl action interstate felt like a brand new beginning but she located herself moving and cry when this dish learned that although Hartland experienced pleaded embarrassed in courtroom to sexually attacking them and three various other ladies, he had gotten bail.

Sarah currently finds herself frequently looking over their neck in dread, actually interstate.

“suppose they have generate below and broken bail? That is definitely probably the paranoia, it is it?” she explained.

“we would like him or her to be charged for the price tag but he’s wandered.

“he can be nonetheless a threat with other girls, so I’m not only repeating this I think, nevertheless for various other ladies as well.”

He is doing not need to resume the region legal until his own March 29 plea reading.

The two women wrote into the practices of best Daniel Andrews and Attorney-General Martin Pakula, the workplace of market Prosecutions and Victoria cops, stressful info on the reason a prosecutor did not make an application for Hartland’s bail become revoked when he pleaded responsible, and advise for software he getting locked up.

Glenn Hartland used the title “Dylan” on Tinder. He’s today calling on his own “Glenn Potter”.

In correspondence taken to Mr Pakula, Sarah stated she would be attacked by Hartland in 2014, he carried on contacting the girl for months after ward and she didn’t get your out-of them lives until she moved interstate in 2016.

“After making Melbourne we noticed that for the first time in many age I did not feeling in continual concern for my favorite well-being. My life in Melbourne received turned out to be like we imagined it has to [be like] in jail,” she wrote.

She furthermore penned “knowing he can be nevertheless ‘at large’ I nevertheless discover personally continually overlooking simple shoulder, feeling highly dubious about any car left outside your home, and unable to sleep overnight.

“I can simply remember how additional subjects now think staying in Melbourne.”

Sarah retrieve with the era she shook and cried when this broad mastered Hartland got bail after appealing embarrassed, but she hadn’t obtained any explanation from government.

She and another target desire advice and query whether Hartland’s bail would be stretched within a plea package.

Hartland must report to law enforcement on a regular basis in their bail ailments and can’t proceed to the suburbs wherein he offended: Southern Yarra, Elwood, St Kilda and Prahran.

Hartland, that utilized the brand “Dylan” on Tinder, could these days use the alias Glenn Potter and has now a link to a Melbourne religious. It is far from recognized if he can be nonetheless on Tinder.

Their patients trust bail really should not an option for a guy just who said severe annoying together with earlier altered his own sufferers, become aggressive once challenged on deception and utilized aliases.

Evaluator possess the power to revoke bail without services from prosecutors in Hartland’s situation Determine Meryl Sexton allowed bail on July 22 when this tart tested with prosecutor Carlin offer that it was are extended.

When someone is charged with violation they should reveal persuasive reasons to feel issued bail.

a federal spokeswoman claimed under modifications into bail method, there is a presumption against bail “for a lot more dangerous and aggressive offences”. But she mentioned it had been unsuitable to comment on personal cases.

Spokesmen for any OPP and authorities said they were able to perhaps not comment and the thing would be vendor surfaces.



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